Company Overview

Lift It™ - the first standardized manufacturer of television and monitor lifts.

The company's founding vision was to bring efficiencies to an industry that hadn't seen any significant changes in manufacturing techniques or, for that matter, consumer demand for quite some time. The opportunity Lift It saw was riding on the winds of ongoing change in the television industry at the time, making flat screen LCD and plasma televisions affordable and accessible to the average consumer.

Lift It products are carefully engineered to give the customer the best experience available. Many aspects of a lift must be considered in the process of design. Noise level, ease of installation, TV mounting, TV viewing, controlling and, most of all, safety.

Lift It believes educating our customers will allow them to understand and appreciate the value of our technologies and products. Feel free to contact us for more information.

Lift It, Inc.
Seattle WA, USA
phone: 1-877-543-8698 (toll-free)
fax: 1-360-876-2961

What Lift It™ Customers Have to Say...

"Our orders have been sent on time and with accuracy. We will recommend Lift It TV lifts to all our customers. Thank you for a great product."
Barb W.
Panterra Coach & RV
Angola, Indiana
"We were extremely pleased with our dealings with your company. The prompt service and quality of product were exactly what we were looking for. Thanks again!"
Cathy I.
Bruce Coach Custom Conversions
Salmon Arm, British Columbia
"I've been working with Lift it for several years and have enjoyed excellent customer service to go along with a reliable product. I will continue to do business with Lift it for years to come. Thank you, Lift It!"
Jeff J.
Jayroe Design
Dallas, Texas
"I have found the staff at Lift It to be very easy to work with. They welcomed us as a customer and offered us great pricing and incentives. We've experienced excellent customer service, and they provided us with thorough answers to our questions as we began our initial cabinet design work. The Lift It system is easy to install, operates smoothly and quietly, and makes a nice addition to our audio visual system. Overall, it's been a pleasure working with the staff at Lift It."
Dick L.
Nordic Tugs
Burlington, WA
"Lift it offers great customer service and an excellent warranty on products. The sales staff is always friendly, helpful, and courteous regarding service and technical information to us. The TV Lift products are always received in a very timely manner. We have not had any problems with Lift It and are very pleased with each order we have placed. We have not had any negative comments from our clients regarding the Lift It TV Lifts installed with our cabinetry."
Shawnda W.
Sasnett, Inc
Birmingham, AL