Lift It Lifts: Home Automation System Compatible

You may or may not realize, but you can use any of our lifts with most any programmable (all-in-one) IR remote you can find. And that's a great feature to offer, we're sure about it - BUT, that's not all. Ever heard of an automated home system? You know, one of those things where you can operate pretty much every little thing in your house that runs on electricity with one remote control or touch screen pad? Stuff like this:

Smart Phone Control Touch Pad Control

Companies like Crestron®, Control4®, AMX®, etc... These guys have the ability to automate audio, video, home theater, lighting, climate control, window shades, security systems... it shouldn't come as a surprise then, that TV lifts can be controlled this way too. They use a remote or touch screen (or both) to accomplish this.

Smart Home Project Example

Sparking any ideas? Because really, you could do a lot with this. Walk into the room, press a button, TV appears and turns on automatically. Press another button, the shades go down. Another button, the lights dim. Thirsty? Another press of a button and a mini-bar lifts up for you, you can probably even child lock it to keep the children out. Just signed a big contract or won a lot of money and need to keep it safe? Press a button and your safe comes out. And that's just a living room. What about a kitchen? A bedroom? By the pool?

Think about it.

(note: the images in this post are quoted from Crestron's, Control4's, and AMX's websites and are used as examples of what companies like these can do)