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Whether you're looking for a Home Theater or building your dream home and don't want to be left in the dark when it comes to whole house and integrated system technologies Connected Lifestyle Engineering by Audio Warehouse has a solution to fit your lifestyle.

After two decades in the business, Audio Warehouse has evolved from selling components that you "take home, unpack and plug in," into a company that works with architects and engineers from the beginning stages of home building to installing a system into new homes that integrates audio, video, networking, telephone, lighting, security, cameras, HVAC and more.

We are founding members of C.E.D.I.A. With one of the best trained and experienced staff offering years of combined experience, Audio Warehouse specializes in catering to each customer by engineering a system of the right components to fit the individual lifestyles.

Audio Warehouse also provides accredited continuing education for architects and designers in addition to product and technology training for builders and electricians about these integrated systems.

"It's the collective experience, knowledge and passion for what we do that makes The Audio Warehouse the ideal partner for helping build your Connected Lifestyle."

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1941 Savage Road, Suite 200-D
Charleston, SC 29407